Chris Denard


Chris Denard

I grew up as a son of a career military father. We traveled to many cities, states and also out of country. Upon my dad's retirement we moved to Alabama which is where I began high school. After high school I enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. It was the military influence that instilled discipline, commitment, loyalty and dedication into my life.

After entering into a career in sales I realized the role I play in the important decisions others made. It is a career that rewards me with the personal gratification of knowing I have been able to help. I have created lasting relationships throughout the years. It has created a passion to help even more. This passion lead me to become a Professional Realtor. To help people sale or find their new homes.

After all, a home is not just four walls with a roof. It is where we start our lives as a young couple. It is where our children are born and raised. It is where we have Thanksgiving dinner and family gatherings. It is where we retire.....The list is endless. It is where unforgettable memories are created.

I realize the magnitude of your housing needs and appreciate the opportunity given to entrust me with being Your Realtor.

"Sweet Home Alabama"